School sessions in Classical Studies

School sessions offered by the Classical Studies staff include the following:

  • Why Alexander was Great (Giustina Monti – on campus)
  • Leonidas and the 300: How to Create a Hero (Giustina Monti – on campus)
  • A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome (Graham Barrett – on campus)
  • The Emperor Nero: Monster, Madman, God (Graham Barrett – on campus)
  • Ancient Graffiti and Modern Social Media (Hope Williard – on campus)
  • You’re a Magus, Harry! Magic in the Ancient World (Michael Wuk – on campus)
  • From Slaves to Queens: Women in Roman Britain (Lacey Wallace)
  • Going to School and University in the Roman Empire (Jamie Wood)
  • The Fall of Rome and the Mediterranean Economy (Robert Portass – on campus)

The sessions last one hour. They are bookable by contacting the Schools Liaison Officer (Dr Alyson Wharton) at the following email address:

They are geared towards students who will be applying for University over the next two years (i.e. Years 11 to 13), but may be adapted to earlier year groups. No prior knowledge of Classical Studies is required.