Student Equality Diversity and Inclusivity Committee

SEDIC stands for Student Equality Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. We’re a student-run committee with student members from across the School of History and Heritage!

SEDIC was set up last year (in 2020), originally as an extension of the REEC (Race, Ethnicity, and Equality Committee) lecturer committee, that’s currently chaired by Dr Antonella Scorpo. However, we now work closely with the REEC committee to help promote History as a more diverse and equal subject.

At their core, our values are to help make the university as equal, diverse and as inclusive as possible.  In the 20/201 academic year we aim to:

  • Promote the history and heritage curriculums to be more equal, diverse, and inclusive.
  • Helping to create a safe a welcoming university for students
  • Making the subject and its content more accessible for disabled students.
  • Addressing issues highlighted by members and bring to the attention of the EDI committee

Despite being a relatively new committee we’ve still had significant achievements in the academic year 20/21 such as: ​

  • Being invited to REEC meetings to put across our thoughts and ideas.
  • Being acknowledged as the most involved student EDI committee in the CoA.
  • Following up issues of racism on campus up to the Head of School level.
  • Following up on accessibility issues through meetings with the Head of Teaching and Learning for the School and working with Campus jobs about the possibility of online lectures being transcribed.
  • Creating amazing social media content that highlights our research and valued work.

Perhaps, most importantly, we’ve fostered a very passionate group of people who have supported each other continually and will be friends for years to come! SEDIC strives for equality and representation within not only History and Heritage but also within our members. We welcome everyone!

If you want to know more about us and keep up to date with our achievements and our projects, follow us on social media and check out our website! You can contact us at should you have any questions or an interest in joining!

Instagram: @uolsedic_hh

Twitter: @uolsedic_hh

Facebook: University of Lincoln-SEDIC- History and Heritage