Classical Studies students digging at Cosa (Italy)

Classical Studies students digging at Cosa (Italy)

(written by Dr Giustina Monti)

Great news from the Classical Studies programme! Three students – Annabelle Mansell, Jessica Corlett, and Samantha Sharman – have applied and been accepted to be part of the Cosa 2022 field season. This is a very prestigious summer archaeology programme organised by the Department of Classics at Florida State University (USA).

The colony of Cosa was founded by the Romans in central Italy on the eve of the First Punic War (264-41 BC). The archaeological site is located in southwestern Tuscany near Ansedonia. As the website of Cosa Excavations explains (link HERE), the excavations were started by the American Academy in Rome in 1948, and are now carried out by Florida State University under the direction of Dr Andrea DeGiorgi (Professor of Classics, and a corresponding member of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut).

Annabelle, Jess, and Sam will be excavating the ancient Roman bath complex for more than five weeks in the summer of 2022. They will gain invaluable archaeological experience, rotating to each trench over the course of the excavation season so as not to miss out on any exciting finds. Part of the field school will also involve visiting historic and archaeological sites around both Cosa and Rome.

The Classical Studies programme and the University of Lincoln will cover the costs of the Cosa Summer Programme thanks to the Turing Scheme, the Santander Universities Mobility Awards Scheme, and the Course-Related Travelling Grant.

Cosa Excavations’ partners are: Florida State University – Department of Classics; Bryn Mawr College; Institut für Klassische Archäologie – Universität Tübingen; Soprintendenza per i Beni Archaeologici della Toscana; the Thorne Foundation; GGH Solutions in Geosciences GMBH; Indiana University – School of Informatics – VWHL; Famiglia Sanfelice di Monteforte; Studio MCM Architetti.

HERE is a link to a video from 2019 which shows what Annabelle, Jess, and Sam will be up to! If you want to follow their “adventures” in Italy, they will be tweeting about their activities while in Italy. You can also follow the official Twitter accounts of the Classical Studies Programme (@ClStLincoln) and of the UoL Classics Society (@UoLClassicsSoc).

Below is a picture of a celebratory trip to the Lincoln Collection Museum, from which it is already clear that the students are on the right path to surpass their teacher (definitely in height)!

From left to right: Samantha Sharman (second-year student in Classical Studies), Dr Giustina Monti (Joint Programme Leader for the BA in Classical Studies), Annabelle Mansell (third-year student in Classical Studies).